My Must Have Kids STEM Stocking Fillers

STEM Stocking Fillers

I’ve blogged about craft stocking fillers before. This time I haven’t set myself the £5 budget but nothing will be super expensive. It’s the stocking at the end of the day. As they get older I like to try and get toys and things that will encourage a bit of independent learning or play. I’ve put together a list of my favourite stocking ideas past and present to give you some inspiration. Or not!

All of the Amazon links are affiliate links so I will earn a small commission if you buy through them. Other retail links are just normal links to ideas that I like or have used with no financial reward for me. If you shop through the affiliate links with Amazon thanks for supporting Toy Infinity, I really appreciate it. I hope you like my ideas.

Science Technology Engineering Maths

STEM Stocking Ideas

  • Measuring Kitchen items. Go to your local pound shop for these. Measuring spoons were a massive hit, not just for cooking but bath time as well.
  • Tape measure. A retractable one is best. What child doesn’t love to measure stuff?
  • Sudoku. My eldest loves Maths. I’ve got him a Sudoku book this year.
  • Bug hunting kit. Again, go to a pound shop for these. My children still love theirs. Failing that a plastic magnifying glass is great fun.
  • Most shops sell the maths and science activity books to suit the educational stage your child is at.
  • Make up your own science experiment kits like this idea for colourful celery or a weather inspired experiment. It will cost you pennies.
  • For small children under the age of three there are lots of STEM options. How about a shape sorter? That’s actually teaching them valuable engineering skills.
  • Wooden number puzzles. Look in your local pound shops for these.
  • Beads and string! A fun way to learn counting by making your own necklaces and bracelets. Getting them to knot the string helps finger control development too. Both of my older children loved threading beads.
  • Moon sand. Now I hate this stuff. It will never appear in any stocking I fill. But, it is a good construction toy. It’s just so messy…

Slightly More Expensive Ideas

Maybe you want one big item in there. These ideas cost slightly more but have the same Science Technology Engineering and Maths theme.

  • These colour mixing glasses look really cool. Due to the small parts they’re only suitable for children aged 3 years and over.
  • How about a solar robot? Build 6 different models including Solar Revolving Plane, Solar Windmill, Solar Plane, Solar Airboat, Solar Puppy, Solar Car. Best of all being solar powered it will never run out of batteries!
  • At £18 this is probably not a stocking filler but I love these magnetic construction kits. Of course you could buy a smaller kit or shop around to find one that suits your budget.
  • The Entertainer have a really fun looking T-Rex excavation kit for pre-order with guaranteed delivery for Christmas. We had a similar kit and it was extremely popular. I can’t find the exact one we had. Let’s face it most kids love digging!
  • I can’t forget the most popular engineering toy ever… Lego! You can get small Lego kits for a few pounds or splash out on a bigger set. This jungle buggy set 60156 is a great set and less than a fiver at Amazon. Every stocking every year has some Lego in it in our house.

My Favourite STEM Toys

This year I’m concentrating on capacity. Boy1 is in year 4 and studying volumes and capacity at the moment and The Girl is year 1 and starting to learn measurements. They can have fun outside in the warmer weather with the measuring items they will have this year. A lot of the toys you buy your children have an overtone of science, maths, engineering and technology to them. Let’s keep learning fun for as long as possible….