Mud Kitchens Wales

Mud Kitchens Wales

Mud Kitchens Wales are a firm local to me in Cardiff. I knew they produced excellent mud kitchens because our school had one installed from them. My in-laws like to buy a main present and this year combined it for all three children. As soon as they mentioned needing ideas I thought of Mud Kitchens Wales straight away. There are reasons why I love mud kitchens.

  • It gets them playing outside.
  • It is excellent sensory play and makes getting dirty hands fun.
  • It teaches basic maths skills like measuring using jugs and spoons.
  • Getting a mud kitchen means the birds get the bird bath back because for the last twelve months it has been used as a kitchen bowl by my children.

Let me be clear this was no freebie! I’m writing this review having been a paying customer….

Our Mud Kitchen

We ordered a deluxe dirt mud kitchen, which has two stainless steel bowl stations, a four ring hob design and oven complete with door (for hours of opening and shutting). There is also a shelf and storage either side of the oven. Do you know what I liked best about it? The delivery. Craig delivered it and added glitter and a bow on it so it looked the part for Christmas morning (huge thanks to our neighbour for letting us hide it in their garage). He clearly loves what he does and takes a lot of pride in the handmade kitchens. The photos were taken before it got used on a lovely sunny Boxing Day. It doesn’t look like this anymore! There are no prizes for spotting my shadow taking the photo lol.

Mud Kitchens Cardiff Photographs

The deluxe dirt kitchen is L120cm x D40cm x H45cm (to the worktop) with a total height of 90cm. We didn’t order any optional extras but you can have it personalised or have a functioning hose fed tap added. My daughter would have loved the tap but my water bill wouldn’t (we’re on a meter). I’m kind of stingy with the water from the tap too much to her dismay. But we have a lot of mud, sand, leaves, grass, stones and plants she can use to her heart’s content.

Mud Kitchen Measuring!

One of the biggest advantages is the messy play being kept outside. I got both my older children measuring water to the volume I wanted and adding spoonfuls of mud to my recipe. They then got to change it to their own recipe, thinking about did they want it thicker or thinner? How would they make it the consistency they wanted? What dissolved better? Mud or sand? The utensils that came with it are bright and colourful and add to the game; rather than just using a boring spoon. Outdoor education has a big part in primary school education and it’s something I like to encourage at home, without getting muddy myself!

Mud Kitchen With Utensils


Has it Been a Success?

Yes on the days it hasn’t rained – which aren’t very many so far this year unfortunately. But since the kitchen is made with treated wood and galvanised screws I’m not worried about it falling apart anytime soon. Craig suggested a coat of decking oil in a years time to re-weather proof it and if we did that regularly it would last a lifetime.

I would recommend Mud Kitchens Wales whole heartedly. If you live in Cardiff they personally deliver for free too! Although they do courier nationwide as well. Check out their website to look at their mud kitchens and other carefully crafted wood products.