Monster Jam Cardiff Principality Stadium September 2016

I’m a bit late writing this blog post. I blame the start of school and nothing at all to do with my being a lot disorganised.

Monster Jam visited Cardiff again this year on September 3rd to bring their monster trucks and big air to the Welsh capital. My son loves monster trucks, my daughter was excited without having a clue what she was excited for. Lunch and a quick trip into Boots for ear plugs and in we went.


It was great to see they brought the well known trucks: Grave Digger, Son Uva Digger, Maximum Destruction, Medusa, El Toro Loco – all the trucks that he was obsessed with in one place and live.


Don’t underestimate like many people seem to have judging on the Facebook page comments the next day how loud a monster truck is in the Principality Stadium when the roof is shut. They were loud, I mean ear hurtingly loud (stupidly we didn’t get ourselves ear plugs). If you stumble across this post and are going to see them buy ear plugs, ear defenders or something for your children to protect their ears. They might be loud but the engine noise is awesome. If you wait until you get to the merchandise stands it will cost you £16 for a set of Monster Jam ear defenders.


The afternoon followed the usual format. Qualifying races, the actual races and the freestyle. A racing and freestyle winner is declared after each event. Let’s just say Son Uva Digger had a clean sweep that afternoon.


We enjoyed it, although my son would have liked more doughnuts, only two trucks did any, and my daughter would have liked it to be 30 minutes shorter. It is great entertainment. If there is one thing I’d have liked to have seen is every driver driving like Dennis and Ryan Anderson, they gave their all and the others were slightly lacking in comparison.

We didn’t join the enormous queue to meet the drivers afterwards, it looked like it was a good few hours long. But we did get a free bar of Cadbury’s chocolate. And very nice it was too.

If you get to see Monster Jam live let me know where and what you thought, and if you are going yourself look after those ears.