Minecraft. I Just Don’t Get It

Everyone’s children seem to be into Minecraft. We got the app ages ago, my son had no idea what he was doing so I had my instructions. Work it out and tell him. Now in a fit of stubbornness I am not going to google what to do. It’s a game, I should be able to figure it out. Except I can’t!

I can now manage to build a square house, and I have gone overboard on Windows but can I add a bed? Can I hell. I have no idea. I can’t add a roof apart from another layer of wall blocks. The only thing I am good at is I seem to keep killing animals accidentally. Those pigs need to keep running. But I keep running into odd looking things at night that I don’t manage to kill.

Somehow I stumbled across this amazing set up. Now I had nothing to do with this and if I ask my son and he says he built it I will be mortified. I won’t confess I only found it while somehow flying (thanks kids).

If I try and play Minecraft I feel like two things: my age (40) and a right embarrassing Mum. I took the mick endlessly out of mine growing up for stuff like this and now it’s me on the receiving end.

My pride has to give in, because the alternative is confessing that I haven’t got a clue, and that is something I didn’t want to do yet lol. So if you see me with my iPad in hand today you will know I’m googling Minecraft cheat pages!