London Science Museum and awkward questions

London Science Musueum

Every parent likes to feel a little bit smug about providing the best educational activities for their children. After all the fun things (their words) were done on our trip to London; and we’d walked them round a million buildings (not fun; their words) we needed something to finish the day with. Having gone ¬†through our London tourism and things to do list, we settled on the Science Musuem. It was a close call between that and the Natural History Museum.

“The science museum in London has lots of buttons to press” my Dad had sold it to them before we went to London. So the science museum it was. Another short trip on the underground (it’s a short walk from South Kensington tube station). It’s free, although for some reason it still has price lists by the till. It’s always fun to watch people stop and decide if they really want to pay that to get in.

The bottom floor has lots of writing and not many buttons. It was edging into the not fun category of London attractions. Then we found the kids section towards the back.

The pattern pod is great, with half a dozen attractions, all themed around patterns (funnily enough). Worth doing if only to watch your child put on chicken feet and walk like a chicken at the animal footprint pattern section. There’s also a science news now themed section with lots of stories featuring new and innovative science discoveries. I liked this bit because it asked how do you feel about that after reading the story. It got the 7 year old thinking for a nanosecond before hitting another button. It also gave a few different options, so each story had several opportunities for pressing more buttons and I got to sit still for longer.

It’s upstairs we had what will be remembered as Spermgate. The 7 year old found the sperm racer game.

He made a boy. You can guess the next question…..

Thanks science museum ?.

Last entrance on our visit was 5.15 but the museum didn’t close until 7, giving you plenty of time to wander round the exhibits.

We didn’t even make it to the top floor. Both of my children enjoyed it, although the 7 year old more so. One fab touch for the 3 year old were some exhibits for younger guests at younger guest height.

The Science Museum gets a big thumbs up from Toy Infinity.

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