Life’s Too short for a Pinterest Lunch

Getting a Fussy Eater to Eat

The Pinterest way… Or the other way? I would love to say I have tried to get my children to eat by giving them dinosaur shaped sandwiches or the The Hungry Caterpillar made out of veg but I’m just too lazy. Sandwiches are either triangles or squares in our house. I don’t mind cutting the crusts off but that’s about as far as I’ll go. Want a funny face? Here have two tomatoes for eyes, a grape for a nose and raisins to make a mouth with. Ta dah. I don’t think I’m alone in this thinking. At least I hope I’m not…

But if I was to morph into a Mum with more culinary patience and take the time to present their food Masterchef stylee here are some ideas that I would definitely use. Click the pictures for links through to the Pinterest pins.

Pinterest Lunch Inspiration


I absolutely love this! Unfortunately I would never get my kids to put an olive in their mouth so using blueberries is an inspired idea, but how gorgeous does it look? I feel guilty for never making an effort already and we’re only one picture in.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

You can thank Annabel Karmel for this one. I love the caterpillar’s face. Perfect for more than one child because he could be any length that you wanted him to be.

Or how about this one? Notice I’ve stuck with healthy foods. There are so many amazing looking Hungry Caterpillar cakes on Pinterest; but in the interests of parenting I’m trying to make boring food look fun. Well I’m not, the creative people behind the pins are. Don’t forget I’m the lazy parent…

Fruit Turtles

OMG how sweet are these? Even I’m so overwhelmed I made these myself this morning for the one year old! That feels like a confession that on my third child I’m finally making an effort. Notice  I’m only doing it when the others aren’t around. I don’t want any guilt trips over why didn’t I do this when they were small.

Fruit Spiders

I’m getting into this now! I love this spider what a breakfast it would make. I once tried to do faces in pancakes while I made them after seeing a YouTube video showing you how on Facebook. It didn’t go well. Letters didn’t either because I forgot they would be the wrong way round. This? I reckon I could do this.


It doesn’t have to be animals. I love this plane. My eldest is a plane geek and has been since he was three. He loves them, for his birthday treat two years ago he asked to go plane spotting at Heathrow airport. Bless him. He’s nine now. I’m not sure he’d go for fruit shaped planes anymore but maybe I should try it.


I’m getting too into this now. If I’m not careful our breakfast on Saturday might look like this. What a lovely idea. How do people plan these things? Do they do them or just post a picture to Pinterest? I’d love to know if you do this stuff at mealtimes. One of my favourite shows as a child was Flipper. If you grew up in the 1980’s I bet just the mention of the word Flipper gets you singing the theme tune.

So There You Have It

I’ve deliberately picked easy ideas. I am not at all artistic so I definitely can’t do some of the amazing creations you can find on Pinterest. Each photo has a link to the original pin, click them if you want visit and save them to your own board. Alternatively I have created a Pinterest Packed Lunch board with them all saved in the same place to save you endlessly clicking. I’ll be adding more pins to that board as I find them. If you see part two to this blog post you’ll know that I’ve succumbed to creative food. Good luck with your fussy eaters – we all feel that pain.