Legoland Windsor: fun, fun, fun.


Having visited several times I began thinking on this visit about how much we’ve learnt over the last 4 years. So this blog is about my top tips for getting the most out of your Legoland visit. Our visits have involved a lot of trial and error over the years and a lot of queuing!



1. If you are organised enough to get there for opening, firstly congratulations, we’ve rarely managed it, next, it’s the best time to ride the main attractions. Too often you get to a theme park and just go on the first ride you get to, some like the Atlantis submarine are a walk across the other side of the park. This includes the drive your own boat ride. There is always a big queue for this the whole day, usually around 45 minutes to one hour.

2. Avoid mini land until after you have done some rides if you have little people with you. You get stuck for hours watching Lego trains, boats and cars moving around the country displays.

3. The refillable drink containers are a good bet. With our Merlin pass bottle a Sprite refill with pass card discount is only 75p.

4. As you arrive at the park if you walk down the left hand way, there are a series of slides down that my kids love. It’s a really good way to start your visit. I take no responsibility for how long you are stuck at these!

5. To avoid the shop queues at park closing, buy early and use the call back and collect later service.

6. There aren’t enough Lego troughs in the queues in my opinion, and some of the queues can be really long, especially in the summer months. Have plenty of snacks to keep impatient children fairly happy. And be prepared for the inevitable tantrum when they don’t stand playing at the troughs for long enough.

7. If you queue for the Fairytale Boats you are in for a bad day with queues! I wish you the best of British luck.

8. If you have the money a Q-bot will help you avoid the lengthy queues. We’ve never used one, and be prepared for dirty looks if you do use one. It’s not as tolerated as the Disney Fastpass because it costs a fortune. If you do get one don’t waste your money on rides like the Fairytale boats, do it for only the main ones.

9. Plane spotting is a very worthwhile activity while you and your kids are bored and queuing. Legoland is right underneath the Heathrow flight path. Highlight for my son was spotting an Emirates A380. If you know what one of those is you get 10 Toy Infinity bonus points!

10. Keep an eye out for buy one get one half price entry offers, use your Tesco club card points or consider a Merlin pass or Legoland annual pass to keep costs down or get the most for your money. Kellogg’s at the moment have an offer for buy one get one free entrance. While there are regular offers they don’t last forever.

11. Don’t forget about Splash world. Take a swimming costume for the kids. There are changing rooms but you do queue for them. Enjoy watching the bucket of water tip over everyone down below.

12. Walk down to the park and get the train back up the hill.

13. Keep an eye out for the Lego photo opportunities scattered around the park. Some, like the little dog are hidden in plain sight.

14. See if you can find the button to squirt water over unsuspecting train passengers. It is great fun! I won’t give you any clues because I’m mean like that!

15. There are a lot of rides for the younger guests, if you have more children than adults, or a child too young to ride ask about the parent swap. They don’t allow it on every ride but if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

But most of all…..

I hope you enjoy your visit to Legoland, and please comment below if anything in this blog helped you make the most of your day. Check out my other blog post onĀ Legoland Windsor 2016 – #20awesomeyears