Legoland Windsor 2016 – #20awesomeyears

Theme parks can be the best days out and the worst days out. If the weather is good and the queues move faster than a snails pace they are a great day out. We’ve all had the theme park days that don’t go like that.
The Toy Infinity family recently visited Legoland again. We’ve been before, had good days and bad but this visit was a great one.

So what’s new for Legoland 2016?

I have to mention Star Wars first; it’s a family obsession at the moment and the Star Wars mini land has been re-vamped. The main attraction is the same, but new models including a massive Lego replica of the Death Star has been added. Apparently it’s brilliant with flashing lights. I didn’t see that though because the 3 year old was busting for the logo and refused to go back in. The shop at the end has one of the nice small touches you find all around Legoland. A build your own station, complete with a selection of Lego blocks to build your own shuttle, light sabre etc.. The attack run set up next to the Death Star also has a build your own set up, brilliant, but I can see that one causing a bit of a queue and some arguments on the busier days.

A must see is the new Lego movie 4D show. It is well worth seeing! If you don’t want to get wet then head to the viewing benches at the side. It lasts about 12 minutes. The shows are a good bet if the weather turns but be warned everyone has the same idea! They run at regular intervals throughout the day so you’ll be unlucky to miss out.


Heartlake City has a lovely Lego model town display at Olivia’s House. There are some activity iPads and buttons to press to keep your little ones entertained. I was a bit disappointed that the only ride was unsuitable for our 3 year old. She’s developing an obsession with Lego Friends, and the ponies on it look sweet, the ride when it’s going not so much.

I love Legoland. We’ve rarely had a bad day out there. The wasps in the summer can make life interesting, and the queueing sucks, especially when you have waited 20 minutes to get to the Lego build station and then fly past it as the queue suddenly speeds up.

My top rides? The fire engines, nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition, Atlantis submarine and the Fairytale boats (never has queue lol). Definitely do the 4D movie.

Food? We’ve always taken our own. Although if you have a Merlin pass you get a discount in the restaurants and some of the refreshment stands throughout the park. There are some lovely picnic spots in Miniland if the weather is nice; if it’s not so nice then it’s a bit of a struggle to find somewhere undercover to eat unless you are buying food. Although in the Duplo land there is a covered stage with lots of benches that will be empty unless there is a show going on.

If you’re planning your first visit this year have a great time. Oh and maybe read my top tips blog post for my guide to visiting Legoland ?