Lego Vinyl Wall Sticker Inspiration

Lego Vinyl Wall Stickers

While searching for some Lego theme day vinyl wall sticker or decals for our play room I thought I would put my favourites into a blog post. I had one wall to decorate and wanted one larger design rather than many small designs.

The links are Amazon UK affiliate links so if you purchase a sticker through them I will earn a small commission from Amazon. It doesn’t cost you anything. If you don’t want to click through remember you don’t have to.

Lego Wall Stickers

I love the Lego Movie. It is one of my favourite films to watch with the children. I love the design of this wall sticker and the fact it comes in three sizes makes it easy to find one that will fit your wall. Although all decals are supposed to be removable, it is worth remembering that some cosmetic damage to paintwork may occur.

Lego Movie decal

Your name in Lego blocks? Don’t get too exited if you have a long name, it is a maximum of eight characters. My children love their name put onto anything so I reckon this would be a very colourful hit with them. Each letter is 5.5” tall so they are a good size. Nothing worse than ordering something that looks big but isn’t in reality.

Personalised Lego name

Now this design caught my eye because it isn’t your usual Lego brick wall or Lego minifigure designs. As with all of these vinyls they look big in the picture but measure their actual size on your wall to avoid a shock.

Lego Design

Everyone seems to have this design. But it really encompasses what Lego is about for me – bright, block walls lol.

Lego Wall

Minecraft ones will love this Lego Minecraft Castle Vinyl Wall Sticker. It comes in several sizes so you can choose the size that fits your space the best. The listing also says they can do custom sizes.

Lego Minecraft Castle


My Vinyl Wall Sticker Tips

  • Clean your surface before application. I like sugar soap for making sure your paintwork is really clean. You can buy it in ready to use spray bottles from supermarkets.
  • Check your surface is suitable before you buy it. Shiny paint don’t generally give good results with decals.
  • If you have decorated wait a few weeks before applying the vinyl wall sticker or stickers. Any excess moisture in the paint may result in early peeling.
  • Mark out where you are going to put it – this includes measuring. More time spent doing this means less time swearing if it goes wrong.
  • Read reviews! I have never had a problem with any decal bought from Amazon but I have always read the reviews first.
  • Take the stress out of kid’s fads and decorating; decals are easy to change. I’ve just swapped our Disney planes decals from Boy1 to Boy2’s room. Six years later and they’re still going strong.