Lego Storage Ideas

Lego Storage Ideas

I have boxes of Lego in my house. Most of it is unceremoniously dumped into big plastic boxes. Lost pieces end up in the “man tin”. Yes we have a real man tin, that’s what is says on the outside. If I had the time and weren’t so lazy these are some of my Lego storage ideas. One day I will Pinterest my play room!

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Stackable Storage Boxes

I love these. Who wouldn’t want to use Lego shaped storage boxes? Just imagine having one for every colour of brick. Or all square blocks being in the big square block box. You get the idea?

Large Lego storage rectangle

You can buy either a large Lego storage box or a small box. They’re bright and fun looking. And let’s face it a damn sight more attractive than my big cheap plastic boxes! I’m just at the point I can’t sort out the Legoland it’s such a huge soul destroying job. I could dump handfuls into these boxes and it’s would look prettier!

Mini Stackable Boxes

Lego storage box

Round and square mini storage boxes look just like Lego pieces! You could even play with them if you had enough and build with them. Or barricade your younger sibling out of your room. They seem to sell most colours so there is something for everyone. The single blocks are 1.2L in volume so that’s a lot of storage space. The twoers (as we affectionately call them) hold 2.6L.

For less than £10 they would make a really cool present. Always stuck for something to suggest? Build your collection of these….

Square oner Lego storage box

I hope you now feel inspired to try and sort out your Lego collections or try new Lego storage ideas. For more Lego inspiration see my blog post on affordable Lego or Lego party bag ideas.

Lego storage ideas