Lego Disney Castle Lego 71040 Research Your Price Carefully!

Lego Disney Castle 71040

Since it’s release in September the Lego Disney Castle set Lego 71040 is much sought after, which is hardly surprising, I mean look at it. It’s fabulous. I am very keen to get my hands on one to be able to do a proper blog post about it, but I am not keen enough to pay over-the-odds for the set. In the spirit of retail you can get it for retail price or you can end up paying a massive amount more because it is hard to find.

The Lego store currently has it on back order, with a shipping date of October 3rd in the UK and for it’s retail price of £289.99 with free shipping.

Amazon UK on the other hand only have two listings: one for £499 and one for £549! And they don’t even include shipping in that.

Ebay has the cheapest set for £344.99 but at least they are offering free postage! I dread to think what the price will go for on the auction items if people get carried away bidding. And the best match on Google shopping is currently £598.78.

Set 71040 isn’t available at Toys R Us or Argos or Smyths Toy Stores.

If you are trying to get hold of Lego 71040, especially for Christmas consider a back order with the Lego store. You can find them at Lego Store. If no-one buys these over-priced Disney Castle sets then eventually the price will come down everywhere, until then do your research, decide your budget and if you are going to wait or just invest the extra cash.