Jibbergiggle….. Wait Say What?

Jibbergiggle is the newest game from Gamely Games. We own a few of their games and I like them for various reasons.

  • Always fun
  • They don’t use lots of small pieces
  • Small and portable

This is a post about Jibbergiggle which was gifted to me to review. I have had no payment for this post I just get to keep the game. If you are a fan of Dragons’ Den you may have seen xx pitch to the dragons and then walk away from investment.


So, what do you do? Well, speaking with my introvert parent head on you make a fool of yourself lol. The idea is to use one word only taken from a sound card, no hand actions, and the other players have to guess which scenario you are acting out. Scenarios like stubbing your toe or riding on a rollercoaster.

We played this on holiday for the first time at a campsite in the Netherlands. Outside the caravan. Our nearest neighbours wondered what on Earth we were doing.

Did I Like It?

Yes. I did. It did take me a while to warm up and I was thumpingly beaten by Boy1 who took to this game like he’d been playing it all his life. The Girl was slightly better than me and the toddler just loved shouting.

It is a very good family game, a bonkers cross between Charades and the Star round in Cranium.

You can buy Jibbergiggle at xxxxx. If you want to know more about Gamely Games visit their social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Well done Gamely Games; your imagination has no bounds.