Instagram Hashtags for Toy Review Blogs and Photographs

Instagram Hashtags for Toy Blogs

These are some of my favourite Instagram hashtags for toy blogs and photos for children. Feel free to add to your own collection but these should get you started. Each photo that you upload can have up to 30 hashtags attached to it. The more you use the more chance you have of your photo being seen. I’m not very good at posting regularly on Instagram but my interaction is pretty good.

  1. toys
  2. toystagram
  3. toys4life
  4. toyslagram
  5. toyspace
  6. toysnapshot
  7. toyslagram_lego
  8. toysphotography
  9. toysofinstagram
  10. toysphotogram
  11. toysagram
  12. toysforkids
  13. toysoutdoors
  14. toysfirst
  15. toys4tots
  16. toys4life
  17. toystargram
  18. toysfortots
  19. toysgram
  20. boardgames
  21. toycrewbuddies
  22. toycollector
  23. toyartistry
  24. toyplanet
  25. toyrevolution
  26. instatoys
  27. toypics
  28. toyphoto
  29. toyuniverse
  30. toysoutdoors

How to find your own hashtags

On the Instagram app when you type # and start typing what you want in, it will bring up a list of options. As well as using the hashtags with the most posts make sure you use those hashtags that seem unpopular. This will give you the greatest chance of being seen in an Instagram timeline. I’m very new to this and learning all the time. I’m sure the next post I do on the best hashtags for toys will be much longer! As well as the generic hashtags you need to add a few specific to the photo you are using.

For example….. #dolls #marvel #lego #starwarstoyfigs #legogram

Hope you liked my top 30 Instagram hashtags for toys. If you have success with any of them I’d love to hear about it. Alternatively, if you have a new hashtags leave them in the comments so that other people can use your hashtags for toy blogs.