Insect Hotel in the Garden: Who Comes to Stay?

Insect hotel in the garden surrounded by grass and treesScience is Fun! Insect Hotel in the Garden

I bought this very sweet insect hotel in Morrisons, admittedly some weeks ago, ready for the summer holiday. It cost me the grand total of £3. £3! You couldn’t buy the wood to make it for that. My plan is a little science experiment and to encourage them outside for a bit. Now one child is very keen he loves mini beasts. My daughter is less so and needs some convincing how this can be fun.

So, we’ve chosen a nice flat piece of land in our garden. It is close to a large tree and by our bottom fence that backs onto a field. I think my daughter expected something to move in straight away because it’s “boring” and empty. I’ve decide the time frame of checking every week. Not too often to keep disturbing any potential occupants but long enough that hopefully we will observe some minibeasts living in our bug hotel.

I’ve created a spotting sheet for them. Enough space to record what they see and draw pictures. All good scientific observations need diagrams. We’ll have a blog update in a couple of weeks.

What skills will they use?

  • Observation – if they sit still long enough to chance seeing something.
  • Writing practice – put into words what you see.
  • Drawing – try and draw what you see. Add colour and in the case of my 8 year old try and label important parts of the diagram.
  • Problem solving – an important part of any scientific experiment. What can we do to encourage more insects and bugs?

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