How I Get My Baby To Sleep Through

How do I get my baby to sleep through?

Is what I would love to be able to tell you how to get your baby to sleep through. But like most parents I’m winging it and either being dealt a good hand and a sleeping dream of a baby or the nighttime equivalent of Animal from the Muppets. So how do I get my baby to sleep through?

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How does my baby sleep?

I don’t get them to sleep like angels is the honest answer. Baby I is two months and my third child. I know already that whether he sleeps at night or not is nothing to do with me. When I had G my eldest I thought that I was the one who succeeded in making him sleep through from 10 weeks. It must be my wonderful ability as a mother and the excellent parenting routine I was in. I had read every book from attachment parenting to Gina Ford.

Like the scientific researcher I was I had researched. I knew the best things to do and the things that weren’t likely to work. Put them down to nap in their cot so they are familiar with it, feed them but put them down at night sleepy but slightly awake so they learn to settle themselves and keep a distinction between night and day (I.e. Dark and light).

My rose tinted view of my parenting ability was shattered with the arrival of my daughter. She is my Animal. Despite doing the same things she didn’t take any notice and still doesn’t sleep through. She is 5! “How will you manage with no sleep again?” I was often asked when my pregnancy was announced. Sleep? A full nights sleep? What’s that? I had my last full nights sleep in 2011.

Every night ‘Mum my tummy hurts’ I let her off that one she does suffer with tummy pains. ‘Mum I had a bad dream’ I let her off that one I’m not a bitch. Bad dreams are scary. ‘Mum I missed you’ not so nice mum on this one. The other conversation starters are met with shush as well.

My Sleep at the Moment

So here I am with baby I. He has turned out to be a pretty good sleeper after the initial sleepless newborn weeks (so far and written with a disclaimer that it will change). He generally gets up once now and then starts his day anywhere between 5am (ugh) and 8am (please on a weekend!) But add in that my daughter wakes me up at least once, he then gets up for his feed and too soon morning is broken I still only average 3 hours unbroken sleep.

So I have no more idea now than I did nearly 9 years ago. I do know that some babies are sleepers and some are not. Unfortunately you have no control over which type you will get. See even a Mum of three has no idea!


Sorry I haven’t told you how to get your baby to sleep through. But if you are reading this at 3am through heavy eyelids and with blurred vision. I’m probably writing my next post at the same time. We can sleep when we’re dead right? Oh and Rimmel wake me up concealer is amazeballs!