Home Bargains Every Parent’s Dream

Home Bargains!

I love Home Bargains. When I first found a Home Bargains store there weren’t many around and it was like a little secret. The place you get birthday gifts from when you want to look like you spent more than you did.

british pounds and coins

Thankfully, they hit the modern age and developed a website you can buy from. Never heard of them? You’ll find them here.

They don’t just sell toys, but since this is a toy blog, I’m not going to concentrate on the other things.

Everything is branded. However things don’t tend to hang around in the stores and they change their stock frequently. At the moment you can get the Playskool Learn the Alphabet Activity Set for £3.99 that’s £7 on Amazon!

Most of my stocking fillers come from Home Bargains (and the other pound shops). But who doesn’t want to spend £3-5 on a birthday present for a party gift and look like they’ve spent double?

They have some brilliant craft boxes full of things to stick with (and sparkle dust – sorry!) Play-Doh can head sets from £3.99, busy books from £3.99, Barbies from £3.99 and Matchbox car sets from £4.99. That’s just a tiny snapshot.

If you’ve never done it. It’s worth a look, and if I’ve saved you a few pennies on something you were buying elsewhere, you are very welcome.