Holiday Challenge Ideas for School Holidays

Holiday Challenge

Easter is only a matter of weeks away, two whole weeks of entertaining children and hoping the weather is good. So what does our family do? We hand control over to the children (kind of) with the Holiday Challenge.

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It sounds exciting and daring and for our part it is. They write a list of five things that they want to do. That’s why it’s daring for us. Who knows what they come up with, but I can almost guarantee that something on there will trigger an inward groan from either me or the husband.

The idea is for half the holiday they have chosen what to do so there should be minimal moaning. I won’t even bother to write minimal fighting because only one child can do their chosen activity at once. There is guaranteed fighting over whose turn first, whose was the best idea.

It is interesting to see what they write. Some ideas from my 8 year old already on his list. Cinema (thank you Meerkat Movies), Cardiff Story (their favourite museum) and go for a bike ride.

To make it even more interesting you can set challenges for them.

Holiday Challenge Ideas With a Difference

Everything should be free – where can you go? What can you do?
Something sport related
Something history related
You have a £10 budget – what do you choose to do with it (do a budget that suits you and the area that you live)

So that’s our Easter Holiday planned and the rest of the school holidays this year. I have my fingers crossed for some sensible suggestions and nothing that involves me being goal keeper.

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Have fun this school holiday!