Heroes of the City iPhone App

Heroes of the City

Heroes of the City is a You Tube cartoon that my children love to watch. It is one of those shows, like Paw Patrol that parents love to hate. When I saw the app I couldn’t resist downloading it for my daughter.

There are several options. Their favourites are the activities and the games. The activities show videos of crafts you could make. I have helped make racing cars out of toilet rolls inspired by one of the videos. We have only unlocked three so far. This is the one drawback because unless it is easy to unlock more you will end up doing the same things over again. That doesn’t bother my five year old but my oldest thinks it’s “lame”.

The games are bright and easy to use. My favourite has to be the beads. You colour in the pattern and iron it on afterwards. My daughter and I have quite a few patterns saved now lol.

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What Do We Think?

The free version is worth downloading. If they have no idea what Heroes of the City is you can watch some of the episodes through the app.

The Toy Infinity children enjoy this app which means that I like it too. Just for the few minutes of quiet and concentration it gives me.