Happy Birthday Toy Infinity!

Birthday Cake with Candle

Happy birthday to me

Yes this blog is two years old. It is a birthday blog post! Toy Infinity is now entering the realms of tantrums, potty training and the desire to have everything that everyone else has. While I hope it avoids the naughty step too often over the next twelve months, I have no doubt that at some point it will spend two minutes thinking about whether it is sorry. Last year was a good year and a great learning curve.

While the blog is still child focused on toys and activities; it has also grown into other subjects around motherhood and parenting. We all have experiences that are useful to share. Knowing how I’ve turned to Google to solve some of my questions I blog in the hope someone might find it useful. Blogging can be very cathartic I have a lot of posts written that I have never pressed publish on, and maybe never will. Maybe 2018 will be the year I become more honest in print? I’ll have to look back in December and see if I was true to myself in that sense. Anyway, I’m digressing.

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So What’s New?

As well as the blogging I’ve started extending into my other online love of e-commerce. When I decided to start Toy Infinity, my idea was based around e-commerce originally. Then I discovered blogging. That changed my focus. For 2018 I’m taking it back to my original plan a bit more. At the moment it’s just affiliate links to Amazon UK but eventually my online shop will expand into other areas. Why am I doing this? I buy and use a lot of child related stuff. I blog about craft and baking ideas. If you like what you read about, it makes sense to be able to buy it easily without having to navigate away from my page. The shop looks tidier than a lot of affiliate links in posts. The links will still be in each relevant blog post but also in one collective place too. Affiliate links mean I am paid a small commission by Amazon, which helps fund Toy Infinity and keep it going.

Thanks for reading with me. I look forward to my next birthday.

Rhi x