Groswaddle Easy Swaddling for Babies

Groswaddle: Swaddling for Beginners!

Swaddling with blankets is impossible for me. No sooner had I swaddled them and put them down a rebellious arm or leg would be thrust out. Repeat the whole process of swaddling a baby! While in Mothercare I saw the Groswaddle and decided that it would be worth a try. I love the fact it is such soft cotton jersey. Even after washing it kept it’s softness not going hard and crunchy like some fabrics can. And I have a really old unkind washing machine! It puts holes in nearly everything.

Baby in open groswaddle blanket Baby in groswaddle blanket with feet coveredOne arm swaddled and feet swaddled by groswaddle blanket

So, what does it look like? Remember the old batwing shirts of the eighties? The design shape kind of reminds me of those, with an extra piece down the bottom for the legs.

Full swaddle of a baby by groswaddle jersey blanket

But is really simple to do. Fold the piece up over the legs and fold the sides in over your baby. I ended up swaddling with arms out because he hated having his arms stuck inside. The shape lends itself to swaddling which a rectangular blanket doesn’t.

And voila! No cold baby and no startling themselves awake by throwing their arms open all the time. Thank you Groswaddle for what little sleep I had with my son because I didn’t spend most of my time trying to swaddle him for bed lol. After all newborns are often too light for a baby sleeping bag.

You can buy the Groswaddle from many retailers including Amazon UK where you can currently get a white two pack for under £15. This affiliate link will take you to Groswaddle on Amazon.

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