Greedy Gator, Parrots and Monkeys, a Game Like my Home Life Really!

The Greedy Gator board game from Mattel Games is aimed at 2 players aged 5 and over. The aim is to knock the other players pieces of the bridge and get yours across the bridge first. 

You get the bridge (with moveable planks), 2 end pieces for the bridge (these need to be clicked into the main bridge piece before you can play), 5 parrots, 5 monkeys and the stickers you apply to the bridge pieces.

There are 3 possible games that you can play, depending on the age of the child you are playing with or their ability. Level one uses only 3 out of 5 parrots or monkeys, level 2 uses 3 and level 3 uses all 5 movers and you need to get 3 across first. You don’t need a dice because the Gator determines how far you move and if you knock someone off. You can either use your move for 1 character or split the move between more than 1 parrot or monkey.

If I’m totally honest though we haven’t used the instruction games at all, mainly because they bamboozled me at first after a night with no sleep and secondly because sometimes it is nice to wing it.

It’s biggest positive is it is a short game, especially if you use less moving pieces. It is a game that doesn’t need any adult supervision, as long as your kids don’t start throwing the Gator at each other (yes that has happened in this house) and the playing pieces are very sweet with good detail.

The drawbacks? For me, I find it dull. It’s one of my daughters favourite games though so maybe I just play it too often? And this is a ridiculous point but the Gator tries to eat the snack the monkey or parrot is carrying. But they can’t put their snack down, hence pre-schooler tantrum because he’d eat the monkey, and an older brother who took advantage of this. You can now understand why the Gator was lobbed at his head.

Oh and by the way, in case you’re wondering I don’t really stand my children on a bridge and try and hit them off, my daughter is the parrot, my son the monkey……..