Great British Bake Off The End Of An Era

This is a strange choice of blog topic but my son and I love Bake Off. To make me sound very sad and with no life it is one of those shows that I look forward to each new series. I mean this week is batter week, what can be better than see that these brilliant bakers struggle with Yorkshire puddings as well?

As with all things, time moves on, and sometimes change is not a good thing. So Bake Off leaves the BBC for Channel 4. Channel 4 might do a fab job (without Mel and Sue – good to see them stay with their principles), but it just got me thinking.

This TV show has summed up what is wrong with us. 15 million viewers aren’t good enough. £15 million a year isn’t good enough. There had to be more; a bigger offer, no matter what that offer might do to something you’ve worked hard for 6 years to build into the success it is. Is money everything? Are the current headlines worth £25 million a year to Channel 4? No such thing as bad publicity after all.

I hope Channel 4 haven’t paid all that money for the tent and idea, for it drift back to a couple of million viewers. But if they have, shouldn’t it be a good life lesson? Just because you have the most money doesn’t mean it’s always wise to spend it. That sometimes it’s not what you have, but who you have that makes something special. I think that is the point lost in this transaction by the production company.

Good bye Bake Off on the BBC – all is not lost there are always repeats!