Go Go Squeez Healthy Snacks!

Go Go Squeez

As part of the Mumsnet Insight panel we got to test the new range of Go Go Squeez fruit and yoghurt snack pouches. Although the range has been sold in America for the past ten years, being founded in the US in 2008; it has only recently launched in the UK. The original fruit snack in a pouch Pom Potes has been sold since 1998. Over 15 years they sold 2.5 billion pouches! My two loyal testers and I had a range of flavours to try out. So what did we think about them?

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Go Go Squeez boxes of fruit and yoghurt

Go Go Squeez Fruit Pouches

We had four pouches of three different flavours. Apple Strawberry, Apple and Apple Mango. Boy1 liked all of them, The Girl only liked the Apple Mango. I tried them myself by stealing some off the kids. I was expecting a smooth fruit paste but it’s quite pulpy. As someone who hates bits in their juice this made my teeth itch. Neither the other two testers seemed bothered. The Apple Mango was by far the nicest in my opinion, Boy1 disagrees though he liked Apple Strawberry. The easy open lid is probably the highlight of these pouches. How many times do you have to stop what you’re doing to open a snack pouch because they’re too stiff? The wings on the lid make it easy for little hands to open them. Neither of them had any problems helping themselves.

Go Go Squeez Yoghurt Pouches

They don’t need refrigerating. I repeat they don’t need refrigerating! Unlike most yoghurt pouches on the market they have been pasteurised so they can be stored at room temperature. We had two flavours to test Banana and Strawberry. Boy1 liked both of them, The Girl didn’t. She wasn’t particularly keen on either. I must admit after tasting them I wasn’t particularly keen either (but I don’t like yoghurt so I’m a tough audience). The yoghurt is very creamy and you get a big portion in the pouch.

Go Go Squeez Snack Pouches

Would I Buy Them?

I’d buy the Apple Mango fruit pouches but not sure I would buy the other snack pouches purely because only one of them would eat them. I’m not having any “what can I have?” tantrums at snack time. They’re portable, easy to open and a good size snack. Boy1 is 9 and has a healthy appetite, one of the pouches did fill him up for a short while. You can buy Go Go Squeez at Amazon; they currently retail for £12.45 for 20 pouches (62p a pouch if that helps!) The yoghurts are slightly more expensive at £16 for 20 pouches (80p a pouch). Both products qualify for Amazon Prime delivery. I would choose them over other brands for two reasons: easier to open and no refrigerating.

Have you tried them? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below.