Giving Up Sugar and My Constant Cravings

Giving Up Sugar!

I’m going to find this really hard. While breastfeeding my youngest last year I developed a real sugar craving. It was fine while I was breastfeeding him I was burning a lot of those calories. Besides I told myself to listen to my body it must be missing something. Except now I’m not breastfeeding him anymore and I haven’t for six months and I’m still struggling to control my sugar cravings. Today after dipping into a Starburst packet for the third time as I went passed I decided I have to be giving up sugar.

I can’t lecture my children on healthy eating if they are catching me stuffing a Topic bar in my gob. Can I really tell them how too many sweets and puddings will rot their teeth if I don’t pay attention to that myself?


I have tried cutting down but realistically it hasn’t worked. I have to try cold turkey. Tonight I’ve made a raspberry coulis and we’re having ice cream for pudding. That will be the last sugary thing I eat for the rest of this month.

I have turned to my favourite idea playground Pinterest for non-artificial treats that might trick my mind into believing it is the sameness as chocolate.


Hell no! Have you read them? They’re savage. Besides I can’t stop serving sweet corn ( an example of what you’re not allowed it is about the only veg my kids eat without moaning).

I am giving up:

  • Processed sugar.
  • Sweets
  • Chocolate
  • Readymade sauces with shitloads of sugar in them (yes Dolmio I’m looking at you!)
  • Biscuits – especially Stroop waffles.

I’ve now written it down I have to do it. Although I am now regretting my choice of timing since we have a birthday in the house soon. But you won’t tell on me if I sneak a piece of birthday cake will you.