Game of Thrones… I Have To Say It

Game of Thrones

Spoiler alert! Don’t scroll past the photo if you haven’t watched series 8!

What have you done? What the bloody hell have you done? Do you know how long we’ve waited for this series? How many hours I have wasted talking about y predictions for the future and what do we have delivered? A rush through is what it feels like you have delivered. I’m not the only one to feel let down. At the time of writing this post more than 300,000 people have signed a petition on to get the final series remade. That number is pretty small considering the millions of viewers each episode has.

Here is what I have the issues with:

  • Daenerys. We all knew she could be a bit vindictive but from hero to zero in thirty television minutes? I might have found that a bit more believable if she’d maybe refused to go north and just battered Kings Landing.
  • Why not destroy only the Red Keep and Cersei?
  • Varys. He has held together so much of the story both in Westeros and over the narrow sea and he’s gone. Just like that. No political savvy left in him. No thought from her that he might have been extremely useful if she sat on that throne.
  • I do wonder why after the first dragon got killed she didn’t destroy the fleet there and then rather than wait.
  • Why is it all so rushed? Where’s the character development? The explanations that make you go OMFG. Yes, I’m thinking Hodor are have been forgotten.

It’s not that I haven’t liked the series. It’s just left me feeling a bit under-whelmed. Like the ending isn’t deserving of the story. That having both the Night King and Westeros battles in one series is too much because neither got given any justice.

I will be watching to see who gets the (what must be squashed) iron throne (yeah Daenerys you didn’t think that one though) but I’m glad they’re stopping and it’s the last series.

My prediction?

  • Jon Snow decides she can’t be his queen she’s too mental all of a sudden so he tries to get rid of her but ends up being killed himself.
  • Bran kills Daenerys to avenge Jon because Arya is too obvious.
  • Tyrion as the last Lanister claims the iron throne.
  • He marries Sansa to unite North and South and the seven kingdoms live happily ever after.
  • No I have no idea what to do about the dragon so I reckon he just flies off and randomly eats people until he dies of old age or natural causes.

If that comes true, I’ll wish I put a tenner on it!