Fortnite Activity Worksheets And Where To Get Em

Fortnite Activity Worksheets

Like a lot of parents and I have a Fortnite obsessed child. To try and lure him away from hours on the game I made him a Fortnite activity worksheets pack for his birthday. It’s cheap (just printing and paper costs), easy and he enjoyed the activities I selected for him. So here is my favourite Fortnite activity worksheets and where to get them. Click the sub headings to get directed to the sites!

Teaching Squared

A lot of choice here for Fortnite activities. The code breakers were the most popular with my two eldest; closely followed by the word shapes sheets. A great touch is the background design on some the sheets featuring characters and locations from the game. The maths sheets are also very good and gave good multiplication practice for my eldest. I gave him the hardest sheet! If you’re into home education there are also handwriting practice sheets for good penmanship.


When it’s raining I can’t always be bothered to take my kids out. Ive used this Fortnite map to create a scavenger hunt that I can help them with sitting down with a cup of tea. It’s great maths practice because you’re using co-ordinates. The site is free to register and then you can download and print a really good range of worksheets and activities. You can also purchase teacher created resources on this site – brilliant if you’re home educating or want to find further resources to support school learning.

Teachers Pay Teachers

Although at first glance this American based website looks to only offer paid for resources there are some free resources available. Search for your preferred topic and click free in the left hand side menu. There were a lot of Fortnite options.

US spelling is the only downside to some of the English resources but there are some amazingly creative teachers uploading exercises and worksheets. I loved the Fortnite points of view cards by the Reading Rasta. Also the renewable vs non-renewable energy worksheets. Science and Fortnite!!

I hope you find something that you and your children enjoy. I love using what they’re interested in to stimulate them to learn – even if they don’t realise that is what I am doing! For more activity worksheet recommendations from me read here, and my Twinkl post and another blog post on my favourite places to download children’s worksheets.