Football Maths Activity

Making Maths Fun

I can’t claim any part of this as my idea. My husband actually came up with this for my son. It was so popular with them both that I had to blog about it. It is a great example of making learning fun.

It doesn’t happen often but sometimes my 8 year old actually wants to do something that isn’t playing football or Nintendo. He loves maths and he is very good at it, so it is something we are encouraging.

Football Maths

Using Premier League football teams, players from his favourite football club and maths we have found a way of making maths fun.

For example…


Arsenal 12     Tottenham Hotspur 5

Liverpool 6    Everton 3

Ozil 3              Bale 42


Man Utd 10    Man City 5

Chelsea 2        Swansea 6

This can be easily tailored to the level your child is at, their interest and of course their choice of football team. Arsenal tend to win whatever the maths sum is! Gareth Bale also seems to score an enormous amount of goals over every other player.

But why just football? Star Wars battles, Shopkins, Disney baddies vs goodies. Any subject you can use with numbers is possible.

You don’t need any fancy equipment for football maths, just a piece of paper and a pen, so it is cheap! My son has learnt specific ways of doing his sums at school and he will write the sum out to follow those rules. We don’t interfere with that so we don’t confuse him.

This doesn’t just apply to boys of course! Anything that encourages a love of maths is great in my book. Give football maths a try and let me know if it works for you.