Finding Dory: Toys From The Film Ideas

I loved Pixar’s Finding Dory we saw it in the cinema over the summer and to be honest I much preferred it to Finding Nemo. on a recent trip to New York City we brought my four year old some Finding Dory blind bags back and seeing as Finding Dory features heavily on her “what I what” list I thought I’d run through some of the more expensive merchandise options as well as the cheaper gift ideas.

Finding Dory Toys for Over £15

PVC figure sets are always popular and Finding Dory has it’s own figure set featuring the main characters. They are always fairly pricy, so it’s well worth shopping around. We don’t have this set but have had similar sets for Frozen and Zootropolis and they are well loved and well played with toys.

This Finding Dory robofish play set is a great idea. I love the fact it comes with the coffee pot just like one scene from the film. Batteries are included.

Finding Dory Don’t Wake Hank board game. The octopus version of Buckaroo.

My children love swimming and love their diving sticks even more. These Finding Dory diving sticks from Zoggs make some great games in the swimming pool to build confidence going underwater.

Pop-up tent and ball pits are always good play options for younger children and can be used indoors and outside. This Finding Dory one is very sweet with some lovely details on it.

Aqua Beads produce a lovely Finding Dory set where you can make some of your favourite characters from the film.

This is slightly cheaper at £13 and I make no apologies for how annoying it might get but Dory can teach you to speak whale! Let’s Speak Whale playset looks hilarious, you speak to Dory and she repeats it in whale language.

Finding Dory Gift Ideas Under £5

What child doesn’t love stickers? For a pound or two you can get some lovely Finding Dory stickers for making pictures with. I get the children to draw a sea scape first with lots of shells and seaweed and stick the stickers on afterwards. Word of warning don’t use crayon, they peel off really quickly resulting in tantrums!

A see-through Finding Dory pencil case would make a lovely stocking filler or birthday gift for a friends child, especially if you fill it with some pencils and other bits.

Finding Dory colour-in jigsaw puzzle and it comes with crayons. A lovely idea for a child who loves to create something because then they can keep it and play with it afterwards.

A Finding Dory torch. Both of my children are obsessed by torches. Don’t know why but they keep them happy.

So there we are a quick glance at some of Toy Infinity’s favourite Finding Dory toy ideas. If you have any of them leave a comment on the good (and the bad) things about them so others can read them.