My Favourite Time-Out Punishment: Holding Hands

Time-Out and Discipline

Children are meant to be annoying at times. I annoyed my parents. My brother annoyed my parents and I know my husband was his annoying to his. It is part and parcel of choosing to bring a small person into your family. I struggle to find suitable punishments that they listen to now they are getting older. My favourite time-out is “you two will hold hands for five minutes”.

Why Holding Hands?

Generally a time-out is enforced for fighting with each other. You know the crescendo. From polite arguing, to shouting and crying and usually ending up with the sound of a punch or a kick on a bad day. I find myself talking through a constant stream of “she started it”, “it was him”……

My rule (that they don’t know about to avoid any tag team tactics lol) is if they can’t apologise and one take ownership: they hold hands. What better way to learn how to solve arguments than hold hands? They hate it. It is hysterical. Usually both of them cry and there are all sorts of muttered accusations to each other.

Does it Work?

Yes. It works for me because I usually find the appalled looks on their face s funny so my stress levels drop. It is the one warning that gets them to think about solving their argument. Holding hands involves both of them; not one child gloating over the other’s misfortune.

There will be a time that I can’t use this anymore and I will miss these days. I have many photos of sulky faces holding hands to reminisce when they are adults themselves. I’m just not sure how I’ll fill the holding hands void when it comes…..

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What time-out punishments work for you? Any wacky ones that others might find useful? Share them below and you might help someone out! Or for more of my wicked ideas take a look at my activities when they are annoying me blog post.