Facebook Love or Hate?


I love Facebook partly because good friends of mine live in Australia and other overseas places and without Facebook I wouldn’t keep in touch with them as much. Out of all my University housemates I keep in touch regularly with all but the one who isn’t on Facebook. That’s a terrible thing to admit I might have to drop her an email after I’ve written this.

Facebook Loves

  • Photos: I love seeing everyone’s kids, lives, what they’re up to. I don’t put too many up myself but I do like to share my beautiful 3 kids and the odd photo of myself.
  • Selling sites: I’ve had some bargains from local Facebook selling sites. I’ve sold through them too. It’s often easier than Ebay and you don’t have the selling or paypal fees to eat into your profit.
  • Messenger: Gone are the days of a million texts. It is now messaging six people at once so you know if you’ve all seen it.
  • Stalking: We’ve all done it. You can’t resist a peak to see if someone has an open profile and if they do having a good old nose. It’s a lesson in check your Facebook privacy settings.

Facebook Loathes

  • Selling sites: OMG have you seen some of the stuff people make to sell on? All kinds of glittery Lambrini and plates with felt tip writing on. Then people charge £20 for it. Add in the sales pitches for how much will you give me for my new £10 note and you’ve got me scrolling on pretty fast.
  • I mentioned this one before. I’ll inbox you hun. Nope, love, read Facebook etiquette if you hang your dirty washing out at least let it dry in public.
  • When no-one in my friends list posts anything. What else am I supposed to read at 4am?

So there are my loves and loathes of arguably the world’s most famous social media site. Now I’ve written this I’ll probably log onto the app that makes it to easy to look at it and waste 15 minutes looking at what people have been up to today. But when all is said and done i would miss it if it went – so let’s hope it doesn’t!