Exercise After a Caesarian Section: My Experiences

Exercise After A Caesarian Section

Most new Mums (myself included) can’t wait to get to work getting rid of the post-pregnancy belly. I have always resisted the temptation to any strenuous exercise for nine months after giving birth. This is my way to exercise after a caesarian section.

Why Wait?

For the simple reason I get better results. It has taken nine months to grow and stretch to accommodate your developing baby. All your muscles and ligaments are still affected by hormones post-birth. I’ve always believed that since it took nine months to expand, to give them a chance to shrink naturally I should wait nine months too. This stance isn’t for everybody!

  • 4 weeks after delivery. Daily mile (at least). Easy exercise in the early days. Pushing a prom makes your body work harder.
  • 6 months after delivery. Once a week in the gym – mostly exercise bike and weights for the upper body.
  • 9 months after delivery. Upper body weights. Running (sometimes), buggy babies circuits class, still do my daily mile on the school run. I aim to do the gym twice a week. It helps with my mental health; read about my journey with PND.

My Body 18 Months On

  • The overhang. It wasn’t too bad after my first c-section. After my second it is undoubtedly worse. I will never have a washboard stomach again.
  • Abdominal exercises do help. If you have pelvic floor issues then concentrate on abdominal exercises that don’t put pressure on your pelvic floor. I like leg raises lying down. Tones the thighs and stomach.
  • Plank!!! Nothing gets better results than a plank. You can do it anywhere. Build up gradually in hold time and number of repetitions.
  • Glute bridge. The alternative to squats when your pelvic floor has a weakness. Concentrate on squeezing your glutes hard and tensing your abdominals.
  • Walking. Now walking I did from 4 weeks post operation. It is an easy and not strenuous form of exercise but you use more muscles than you think.
  • Running. I don’t do much running but it does work the abs better than walking. My pelvic floor isn’t strong enough to run any kind of distance.

If you are starting to exercise after a caesarian section, listen to your body. If you feel pain; stop and re-start after more time healing.

I’m back to 9 stone my pre-pregnancy weight and in a size 10. (Pre-pregnancy I was a size 6-8, yes I was one of life’s annoyingly thin people). But now, if I look in the mirror I could pull apart what I hate. My biggest hate is my stomach. But really I should be proud of it. Yes it’s baggy, but I’m 42 and a mother of three. Until now I’ve been too critical. It is no example for my children. So, I’m embracing me. Turn it on it’s head, and I look good for carrying three pregnancies. I even wore a tankini on the beach this summer. How can I tell my daughter (especially) to be body positive if I don’t practice what I preach?