Eco Infinity and Eco Friendly Party Supplies

Eco Infinity

My blogging has taken a back seat for a couple of weeks while I research and get up and running my new online website Eco Infinity. I have been selling party supplies for a few years via various online channels but it was making me feel guilty. Every time I posted out a set of plastic party bags I knew that while they get enjoyed. It is only for minutes and they take hundreds of years to break down.

Eco Infinity Party Store

After an insomniac late night google session I discovered products made from environmentally friendly materials. That there was a greener way to party. A lot of the philosophy behind Eco Infinity needs a change in thinking. It is encouraging people to compost at home. It seems a daunting task but I love a challenge.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if in ten years time the trend was for zero waste parties? Imagine nothing ending up in landfill. At the next children’s party you go to, look at how much gets thrown away. I have three children I’ve done and been to my fair share of parties!

Who would have believed that Wales would have led the way with a 5p charge for single use carrier bags? I would love to see Wales lead the way in composting rather than landfill for single use party supplies.

The Party Store

So, what can you buy? Eco friendly tableare made from sugarcane and palm leaves. Wooden cutlery, bamboo cutlery, paper straws and paper decorations. Paper party bags and party favours. Compost or recycle all the party supplies. It makes it easy to throw a green party.

Eco Friendly Party Supplies

Eco Infinity will be the environmentally friendly party supply store to buy eco disposables. I’d love you to pay a visit to the store. Use code ECO in July 2018 for 10% off your order total. It only lasts for Plastic Free July.

(You can read more about my plastic free journey here and here).