Easy Ideas to Earn Money for Christmas

Easy Ideas to Earn Money for Christmas

My top tips for ways to earn money and extra cash before Christmas.

Facebook Marketplace

  • Sell locally or nationally depending on if you want to post or not.
  • Prepare to barter and be bartered down. You can always say no!
  • Read more here.


  • The longest running and most successful auction site.
  • Sales are much slower than they used to be. The best things to sell are designer labels and branded toys.
  • Read more detailed EBay selling tips here.

Christmas Markets

  • Perfect if you are a talented crafts person. Tables are often around £10-£20 and you keep all your profits.
  • It is important to find a well marketed event to ensure the footfall is high enough to generate some sales.
  • Not sure where to find a market or car boot sale? Try Stallfinder, where you can search by post code.


  • Amazon started allowing the sale of handmade items. It is a big audience and may be the ideal place to sell your craft items.
  • It isn’t a great place to sell second hand.
  • If you find cheap products on the high street that sell for higher on Amazon consider buying a couple and selling them on.


  • A brilliant marketplace. It does need very good photos though to sell to the general public.
  • You pay a fee to list and sell on the Etsy site.
  • There is a separate Etsy selling app as well.

Cashback Sites

  • If you buy a lot online take a look at cashback sites like Quidco or Top Cash Back.
  • Make sure you go through the link on each cashback site to qualify for the cashback.
  • You can earn a small percentage.
  • If you are renewing insurance the payouts can be higher but they take longer to be paid.


  • Not as easy as some methods – it is very time consuming but blogging can be financially rewarding.
  • Not my blog I don’t do this for money! But even I have earned some money from it.
  • Use a free WordPress website or similar for a zero cost way to start.
  • Post regularly (something I don’t do) and market your blog relentlessly. That is the hardest part!

Matched Betting

  • This isn’t betting! And it isn’t easy to get the hang of. You have the potential if you make a mistake to lose money.
  • In simple terms you place a bet in the bookmakers on a particular sporting event and then lay it at an exchange.
  • For example. I bet on Liverpool to win. In the exchange I would bet against Liverpool to win. So whatever happens I win in either the bookmaker season or the exchange.
  • If you have enough money for a big bank roll you can make a lot of money.

What Do You Think?

Give some of them a try! Even give some new ideas a try to earn money. Just remember if you invest in something to sell on then make sure you make a small investment at first or you will end up with less money than you started with.