Easy Easter Cake With Toy Infinity

Hidden Chick Easter Cake

Usually to do these cakes I would use a cutter with a simple outline, but my two helpers wanted a chick hidden in the middle. Who can argue with that? Unfortunately our chick looks like it’s been to the abattoir because he is also coloured red. Time to use your imagination! This easy Easter cake can be changed to suit whatever you like to use.

What Do You Do?

Cheat! Cooking with young children should be simple. I use a packet mix. There is still some measuring with the water or oil and cracking the egg is always fun, but there isn’t loads of flour thrown around the place and boredom doesn’t set in because it’s quicker.

Okay, I’ll be honest. My two fight over who does what job. By using two packet mixes they both do the same thing with no arguing, no me turning into moaner Mum at the mess and it is a much more relaxing activity.

Follow the instructions on the packet you have. You want one packet to make the inside hidden chick and another to bake around it. Whatever you hide inside either needs to be made out of a different cake mix (e.g. Chocolate) with a vanilla sponge outside or use a vanilla mix and colour it a different colour.

Easter cake activity for children

Easter Cake Baking

Cook the coloured cake according to the instructions and allow to cool. The next bit is child-friendly, let them cut out the shapes. A word of advice remind them to go close to the edge otherwise you end up with two shapes and a whole load of cake scraps you can’t use!

Line up your shapes in a loaf tin, and pour over the other cake mix. To stop the bottom of your cooked cake drying out add a layer of cake mix to the bottom of the tin first and then layer your shapes. Cook your cake and leave it to cool. Our chicks tried to dive out of the way of the cake batter so we didn’t end up with a nice straight line…

You should hopefully have a cake your children can be proud of, that isn’t too stressful on yourself. I can’t guarantee it won’t get sneezed on, have mud in it somewhere or that the spoon won’t get licked and re-used while you aren’t looking. Have fun baking on a rainy day!

Our baking isn’t always Pinterest ready!

Or you could end up with something that looks like this….. A highly professional effort lol. They did well. It might not look like an Easter cake from an episode of Ace of Cakes but for an 8 year old and a 4 year old I think they should be proud of themselves. Can you spot the head of a chick sticking out the top?

Easter baking


They also did the washing up!

For more baking ideas try our favourite strawberry cake.

Children can go Toy Infinity and Beyond with Baking! X