Easter Holiday Activity Planner Free Downloadable Printable

Easter Holiday Planner

I have three children. Sometimes, well most of the time I find it hard to keep up with what they all want to do. Especially the days I’m solo parenting. The youngest doesn’t get any choice but Boy1 and The Girl like to have complete control (or so it feels) over what they do. I’m a great believer in making life easy for myself, and trying to encourage some independence from relying on me for suggestions. I’ve created my Easter Holiday Planner. It’s a boring title, but I couldn’t think of a way to make it seem more exciting than it is.


I know I quite often get to the end of a day and remember something I meant to do but didn’t. It is also very common getting to the end of a day and having heard “I’m bored” or “I’ve got nothing to do” or “what can I do?” a million times. This simple sheet will get them to focus on what they could do for a whole 24 hours. This isn’t something I’d do everyday – my printer doesn’t have enough ink – but they need to see that they control the fun they have, not me. They use the notes section to brainstorm what they think would like to do. The things to do to list any activities and the schedule to put those activities in order.

It goes without saying to make sure they put solo activities in before you end up with more than one planner and tantrums over whose gets used first.

If you want to try it then you can download your own Easter holiday planner by following this link. It should open a printable pdf file for you to use. For more holiday activity inspiration try the Lego photo challenge or the holiday challenge ideas.