Do you let your children win?

The Spirit of Competition or Should Children Win?

This is a big dilemma for me. Do I let my children win? Do I ignore my innate desire to compete and pretend not to see that golden opportunity to wipe the floor with them?

I don’t know why but Connect Four is the worst. My 7 year old can count, he is excellent at maths, but can he get four in a row? No. He spends more time getting frustrated with me blocking him than trying to think his way into a win. Is it wrong to admit that the thought of him nearly launching the game across the room still makes me giggle? As I sit here I can hear the whine ‘oh-wa-ah’ along with the thump of something being battered in a temper. I should record it for posterity’s sake!

So, here is my dilemma. Do I carry this on in the hope it will one day help him to problem solve? Or do I acknowledge that at 7, maybe his powers of thought aren’t as well developed as mine (at Connect Four, he wipes the floor with me at the memory games) and give him a chance? If you’re reading this, what do you do?

Maybe I will have the answer when he reaches the age of 8; or maybe he will just have stopped playing with me. Should we let them win? Or does that dampen down their own sense of competition. Only time will tell if I made the right choice. It will be interesting to see what attitude he takes with his younger sister!