Do You Have a Hobby? I Love Sewing

Sewing Soothes the Soul

I day I have a hobby. In reality I rarely actually do any sewing. I haven’t made any clothes since Boy2 came along and he’s nearly 2. I do have a list of projects that I want to do, and most of them are sourced on Pinterest admittedly. (If I was being really honest I guess Pinterest is my hobby lol).

Sewing Projects on my To-Do List

  • The advent calendar. This has been half finished for three years! Surely I will make enough effort to get it done for this Christmas.
  • Upcycling. In my sewing cupboard are about half a dozen work shirts with worn out collars and cuffs. I can’t throw them away though. I intend to transform them into toddler play shorts for Boy2. I used to make A-line dresses for The Girl but she’s grown too tall. The dresses looked so good with the buttons down the front.
  • Bayeux embroidery. I bought an embroidery kit years ago during our last holiday to France based on the Bayeux tapestry. I made a mistake on it and put it away in a sulk. It hasn’t been out of the drawer since either.
  • Anything to use up my stash of fabric!
  • I dread to think but World Book Day is looming….
  • Memory quilt. I have saved a lot of baby clothes for this. They are stashed in several drawers. I bet my children are adults before I get around to it.
  • Clothes! These are some of my favourite ideas, follow the links to Pinterest. I love this reversible fox pattern apron for children. It’s one The Girl would love. For me this tulip top is one of my favourite picks. Flattering and hides the Mum tum! Hoodies are always popular with all three of my kids.
  • Etsy is another very good place to look for sewing patterns you can print yourself at home.
  • Dont forget your local fabric shop either!

For more ideas take a look at my Pinterest board Sewing Project Ideas.