Disney Pixar Dory Voice Changer It’s Not Always in Whale…

Let’s Speak Whale Dory Voice Changer

This has to be the biggest waste of money. I loved the idea of a Dory voice changer but in reality it gets boring very quickly and doesn’t always speak in whale.

Disney Pixar Finding Dory toy

One of the best things about Dory is her ability to speak whale. The bit speaking to Destiny always makes me giggle. My daughter loves it too so when she was bought this toy voice changer I thought it would give us a lot of fun.

It is a good size for small hands and looks just like Dory. It’s plastic and doesn’t feel like it will fall apart at the first drop on the floor. I like the tag detail which ties in with the Finding Dory film.

Finding Dory film toy, Dory voice changer, Dory fun toy

What Do We Think?

I have two problems with this toy. Firstly, the buttons don’t always work. It either doesn’t record your voice properly or the playback isn’t in whale. Secondly, the only funny thing about it is what you say. After five minutes she was bored and resorted to phrases that seemed to feature the words bum, poo and smelly quite a lot.

Disney Pixar Dory

It isn’t a cheap toy, costing at least £10 in most retailers. If you see it in a pound shop I’d say it makes a good stocking filler, but by new year it will be charity shop donation. I was disappointed with the Dory voice changer: let’s speak whale but only some of the time.

It is available at Amazon UK (affiliate link) and the price varies according to the seller.