Disney Pixar Destination Animation, Even if you Can’t Draw.

This has got to be my favourite board game ever! It is a little gem. Such a simple idea but I never fail to be impressed by the end result. 

Now the guidance says for ages 12 and up but I play it with my 7 and 3 year olds and they love it. 

The idea is to fill you carousel with 12 film frames first by travelling round the board and collecting them (or losing them) with the destination and challenge cards.

The magic lantern is a bit fiddly to put together, there is no way I would let my two attempt it, there would be rippage in no time. The rest of the set-up is very straight forward.

Like most board games there are a lot of cards and pieces that could get lost but overall it should last the test of time, especially if you are careful about putting together and taking down the magic lantern.

Don’t discount this game for children under 12, especially those who can read. There is a bit of reading to do with the cards. My three year old loves it, I read her cards and she can match the numbers on the back of the film cards to the numbers on the yellow carousel.

Destination Animation is available at Amazon, but it is also worth looking at second hand retailers like EBay.