Delicious Strawberry Cake: Good Bake for Kids

Strawberry Cake

I’ve been baking with my son since he was 2 years old and he’s really pretty good at it. We recently entered our village bake off with this strawberry cake recipe and he won in his age category. This strawberry cake recipe gave very good results, but was easy enough to follow that he managed it himself.

Baking recipe cake

Why Did We Like It?

  • It used strawberry purée, something he had never attempted before. He mastered stirring the strawberries on the hob and showed me he’s more mature than I give him credit for.
  • I like adding fruit to cake – it makes it seem healthy.
  • The egg whites made it really light. Separating eggs is a tricky skill as he learnt.
  • We don’t have scales and the recipe used cup measurements. We have plenty of measuring cups!
  • Making buttercream is easy and quick. We didn’t use the strawberry purée in the buttercream. He chose to add a layer of strawberry pieces inside instead.
  • He coloured the buttercream pink artificially rather than with the fruit purée.
  • The cake rose beautifully, a bit domed on one half but an impressive rise.
  • The baking skills he used: chopping, stirring, measuring, separating egg whites, reading a recipe, dividing cake batter into two tins, decorating and eating….

Strawberry cake recipe

If your children like baking this is a different cake to try. It is a bit more interesting than a plain sponge cake and contains strawberries. So, surely that counts towards your five a day? In case you missed it, follow this recipe link: strawberry cake with real fruit! We are going to try adapting it with raspberries next.

Or if that isn’t your thing try one of our cake with a hidden image.

Happy baking xx