Dealing with Dehydration

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Breastfeeding and Dehydration

I couldn’t understand why when my two month old was starting to sleep longer stretches at night why I felt so bone crunchingly tired all of the time. It seems it is the simple solution of dehydration.

I have three children under eight, and my youngest is only two months old. In between dealing with them, their after school activities, the house, my business, it seems I have forgotten about me.

Ever since a child I have never drunk much. Well excluding alcohol between the ages of 18 and 25 then I seemed to manage to drink my body weight in lager and 20/20. Constant breastfeeding and not enough liquid has taken it’s toll. I’m exhausted, I have no physical or mental energy and I am slightly befuddled most of the time. I’ve made a lifestyle change and am slowly starting to see a difference.

My Dehydration Busting Tips

  • Set a timer. On your phone, on a proper clock. It doesn’t matter what. But set a time for every hour. When it’s time get yourself another big drink.
  • Bribary. Yes I can have that Hobnob if I drink a big glass of squash or cup of tea with it.
  • Take a bottle out in the change bag. Pushing a buggy is dehydrating too.
  • Dont expect to drink 2 litres a day – I can’t but try and get close to it.
  • If you’re tired. Sit down but sit down with a drink!
  • I am a de-caff person but if you drink caffeinated drinks be aware that they are just as dehydrating as they are hydrating.
  • Mix it up. That phrase doesn’t have to only apply to gin (tonic and a twist of lime for me please) but drinking water gets boring. Add fruit pieces, squash, cordial (gutted you can’t get cola bottle cordial anymore). Fruit juice, lime and soda water or milk.
  • Just can’t bring yourself to drink another glass of anything? Soup for lunch anyone?

Come on Mums we need to look after ourselves, especially if we’re full time feeding a baby, not just everyone else. On that ending I will sit down with my cup of tea and blueberry muffin…. My breastfeeding story might be useful, whether you are expecting your first or fourth child.