Crayons aren’t good light sabres 

This was one phrase I didn’t expect to hear my 7 year old say. However at a meal out on a short city break, he did indeed find out that crayons are good for colouring but not for using as a light sabre battling your little sister over the table.

It got me thinking. What weird things have you used as a substitute for a favourite toy you don’t have with you? I remember spending hours creating paper bones for my pound puppy or creating new characters for short stories, and I’m used to various sticks found on walks being turned into light Sabres or blaster guns; but a crayon was taking this to a new level.

I’ve lost the magic of the over-active imagination I used to have. Maybe it’s the years of not enough sleep catching up with me, or maybe it’s because since the children have been born I’ve stopped reading. Thankfully my two both love reading, the eldest to himself, the 3 year old cwtching up and enjoying a story with me or her brother. I used to write a lot 10 years ago. I have two finished children’s books stored on an old computer. Now, I don’t have the brain power to think about refining them to start the trawl of sending them to agents and publishers again.

I don’t know if it’s increasing age or lack of reading over sitting in front of the gogglebox that is responsible for my imaginative dullness. What I do hope is my children keep it; and they keep it for a long time. Even if I can’t join in I can live my imaginative life through them.

I’m using everything from their Star Wars obsession to World Book Day to encourage a love of words. So far it’s working and long may it continue. I just need to find my own reading mojo and get it back. (I have recently bought the Game of Thrones books on Amazon as a start).