Craft Materials You Won’t Want To Have A Stash Of!

Unless you are a sucker for punishment.

  • Glitter. Don’t ever give glitter to a pre-school age child, unless you are mentally very strong or you are in someone else’s house.
  • Glitter glue. Just as bad as glitter. Avoid at all costs.
  • Tissue paper. The colour always runs when you get it too wet with glue, it gets all over hands that then put the colour all over your walls.
  • Sand. Whoever invented sand art was obviously childless.
  • Fabric pens. No they don’t understand that they shouldn’t use them on everything they wear.
  • Smelly pens. Great idea in theory. Not so great in practice when your child is walking around with a green nose that won’t wash off.
  • Shredded paper. Why do all craft sets put this in it? It’s hamster bedding.

That’s my list, if you have any genius additions put them in the comments below and warn other unsuspecting parents!