Clementoni Science and Play: Cupcakes and Cookies.

My daughter got given this set for her birthday. It is marked for ages 8 and over and she had just turned 4, but she loves baking and I couldn’t see that there was much difference between this kit and our normal cake baking.

There are a couple of odd things about this kit. It comes with a sachet of muffin mix but you also need to add flour and sugar to it, it isn’t a complete dry mix like I was expecting. By following their basic muffin recipe you will make 8 muffins; but they only give you 4 muffin cases and these cant be re-used.

The muffins do taste nice admittedly, we only got seven out of the mixtures the four muffin cases are quite big. You get a packet of sprinkles with the kit but no icing. I got a bit fancy at this point and made a chocolate ganache to go on the top with some left over Easter eggs. 

There are some lovely utensils that come with the kit. A whisk, egg separator, some decorating tools and they are all a good size for little hands. The instruction book has some nice decorating ideas, again none of the ingredients like the fondant suggested are supplied, but the ideas are bright and appealing to children.

Yes, we’ve now used the kit, but we still have the utensils for our future baking activities. It’s a nice, practical present for a child and my daughter had great fun doing it. And that’s what it is all about. The Clementoni Science Cupcakes and Cookies kit is available at Amazon UK (May 2016).