Children’s Craft: Mess Free Painting For All Ages

Children’s Craft and Painting But Mess Free!

The problem with having a fairly large age gap between all your children is that the youngest always wants to do what the elder two are doing. I’ve had to come up with some way of entertaining him while they are crafting. No way on earth I’m letting him loose with glue and pens yet. I hate clearing up craft as it is without trying to scrub felt pen off Boy2. This is the technique I resort to. My mess free painting for babies. It helps even young children feel like they are doing children’s craft and painting.

You will need:

  • Zip lock plastic bag
  • Paint – whatever you have in the house
  • Baby oil (purely optional)

What do you do?

It’s as simple as squirting your paint into the zip lock bag and sealing it. You want enough paint so that it’s really squidgy. If there is too little I find Boy2 gets bored quicker. This is also where the baby oil comes in; by adding it everything becomes more sloppy and oily. Just make sure you have sealed the bag properly or everything isn’t as mess free. Trust me; I’ve learnt the hard way. Even if the bag gets thrown onto the floor everything is contained. Boy2 is a year old and I use a fairly small bag for him but as he grows bigger I will size up to a bigger zip lock bag. The bigger the bag the more paint you need!

To create more interest I also use glitter and sequins. Boy2 loves running his fingers over the different textures. Just try to avoid using something with sharp edges that might pierce the bag.

Adult supervision is still necessary; little curious fingers might find the opening at the top and create one hell of a mess. Also be sure that only small parts are securely sealed inside before you give it to your child. Give it a try and let me know if your child enjoyed it. Even 10 minutes of activity is time enough for a cup of tea. If you like this children’s craft idea try my favourite paints or favourite craft idea.

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  1. This is a great idea- I’ve not tried it before but I can see that it would definitely have it’s advantages- especially with younger toddlers or babies! Thank you for linking up with #tacticaltuesdays

  2. I love this idea I’ve never actually given it a try with my 3 year old yet. Thank you for linking up with #TacticalTuesdays

  3. Crafts with no mess is a real winner for me and my youngest would love trying this out. going off to find if we have any bags suitable #tacticaltuesdays

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