Chad Valley Crazy Golf Set Drives Me Crazy!

It drives me crazy because I’m too lazy to want to keep putting it together. Games with lots of parts I insist on keeping in the box to try and stop any pieces getting lost (it doesn’t work).

To fit this back in the box you have to keep taking it apart. Yes I know I could buy another bigger box and keep it set up but i don’t want to do that either. It comes with 2 gold clubs, 4 brightly coloured golf balls, 3 holes and 3 obstacles. It is the holes and the obstacles that need some putting together. 

It is a great (although frustrating lol) activity for younger children. In our case it usually ends up with the club being flung down the garden in a rage at missing again. It could be an indoor activity if you don’t mind the threat of a golf club waved around in the air because the balls are super-light and don’t go far.

The Chad Valley golf set is bright and colourful, durable plastic and my 4 year old likes it. It encourages active play and a bit of hand-eye co-ordination. Another good tip is if you want to make sure the balls can’t damage anything or you lose all the ones that come included, buy some practice golf balls. They are like magic and you can’t hit them far. Don’t ask me why I can’t understand them at all! We have a set of Longridge foam golf balls that only cost £3.

As much as I have had a petty moan about the putting together it is a good size and weight for transporting out for the day or as an activity on holiday. It costs around £15.