Can We Help With Jobs Mum?

Can I Help? Creating Young Adults

Like a lot of mothers I have fallen into the trap of doing everything for my children. I have one pair of hands; I don’t get to do everything that I would like to. With yet another 10 year old tantrum of it’s not fair it got me thinking. Am I creating independent young adults? I’m making changes this year to try and make sure I am.

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Yes You Can Help!

  • Putting their clean clothes away. We’ve seen Marie Kondo and that her children help her from a young age. I’ve started leaving them on their beds for them to put away. (Not Boy2 he’s too little). It is hit or miss right now. Mostly their refusal or scrumpling and shoving them in any old how does nothing but raise my blood pressure.
  • Cooking dinner. Boy1 and The Girl are more than capable at peeling and chopping. I get them involved preparing the veg for me. Not only does it speed up my cooking time it is helping to improve their gross motor skills.
  • Tidy up FFS. I bribe them with a £1 to tidy their room. They would rather not have the £1. Now I do remember my Mum dumping everything onto my bed so I would have to tidy up. I’m not at that point yet but bloody close.
  • Dirty washing. I’m training them (slowly). Dirty washing does not belong stuffed under the bed or on the floor. It goes in the washing basket.
  • It’s the little things. Put your shoes away. Pick up those toys. Flush the goddamn toilet after you have had a poo.

Can we help Mum

I am one person with one pair of hands. People expect mothers to be able to do everything all of the time. I hope by starting them young as adults they will look after themselves and not expect someone else to do it for them. Give me 20 years I’ll tell you if I managed it. And also if it helped maintain my sanity.