Camping for Cheaper Summer Holidays with Kids

The best and worst part of Camping

Camping with kids

This isn’t about who does and does not take holidays in term time to get cheaper holiday costs. I’m married to a teacher. We’ve never been able to take advantage of cheap holidays so we’ve had to deal with higher prices and find ways around that. I must admit as we’ve got children now the last minute holiday packages don’t really work as easily as they did for two lone adults. When the children came along we tried camping.

Tents are great fun: if it’s dry, not windy when you out it up or take it down and you don’t mind an army of ants tromping through your living quarters. However, the negatives are far outweighed by the positives and the biggest positive is the holiday cost.

Here is the Toy Infinity best and worst guide to camping with kids.

Best part

  • Price – all of a sudden you can take 4 of you away for a week for a couple of hundred pounds.
  • Outdoor living – the sun is out, the BBQ is cooking, the wine is open and the children are running free. Our ideal holiday!
  • Europe is amazing for camping holidays. We loved dragging our tent all the way to France. Yelloh are a great range of campsites like Eurocamp but the French equivalent.
  • Most of the bigger sites have entertainment and kids clubs so there is something for everyone. Most of these costs are included in the pitch price, but double check on booking.
  • They have so much fresh air my children fall straight to sleep. No over-excited stressed out ranting at them in a hotel room on this holiday.
  • There are some lovely sites in the UK – head to the Gower Peninsula, Dorset or Somerset for lovely coastal holidays. Further inland, the Lake District, Cotswolds or mid-Wales are beautiful places to visit.
  • Tents can join the Camping and Caravanning Club then you get sites that have minimum standards so no dodgy toilet blocks.

Worst Part

  • Packing and unpacking the car: it is impossible to get it all to fit back in. Everyone gets grumpy and you have your knees by your head unless your boot is big enough to take everything.
  • You always have an audience with a tent. Nothing worse than watching a smug caravanner with a glass of wine watching you struggle to get the poles up.
  • Holidays in rain. It’s not fun. I can’t even pretend it is. Everything gets damp even if your tent doesn’t leak. The outdoor living from the best part soon becomes the worst part lol.
  • Toilet and bathroom sharing. It gets tedious any longer than 10 days.

If you can’t stretch to a package holiday and can’t go away in term time then camping might be worth a shot. You can get tents to suit any budget and you don’t need to invest in lots of high tech camping gear. We’ve graduated into Caravanning to get a proper bed and since we’re getting older we can take the jokes now lol.