Brexit And The 6 P’s


You can’t go anywhere near the U.K. without seeing Brexit this and that. Who are Leave, who are Remain? Don’t you know about democracy? It’s the will of the people. We want borders, and the NHS are rich from March. But one thing is never addressed on Brexit. Who is doing the planning?

The 6 P’s

Prior Planning to Prevent Piss Poor Performance.

We’re leaving the EU in March but one thing does bug me. I don’t have any faith in our government to get us a good enough exit deal. Take Northern Ireland. Surely, someone should have pointed out that bloody big issue to David Cameron long before the word referendum was bandied about. Why on earth go down this road without someone coming up with a workable plan?

Instead we’re left with empty promises and hollow words with no substance. Our strong and stable government is falling apart, and the opposition aren’t any better.

Out Out

I do ask one thing though. Once we’re out out and you voted Leave please don’t moan. If life isn’t what was promised you don’t complain.  That we might have our borders but as many jobs are leaving those borders as immigrants. That the NHS has no more money than it does now.

I’m hoping Brexit might be like Y2K, a big fuss over nothing. That life carries on as usual and we don’t even notice it. The world was going to fall apart at the start of the millennium. Do you remember all the stickers that got stuck on computer monitors?

I’m not Remain, I’m not Leave; I am over being called a name. Just call me British. All I care about is my country comes out of this with a solid future for my children. More importantly, that Wales gets a fair deal from Westminster.

Besides who wants to go backpacking through Europe without applying for a visa for every single country? Not me, I’m too old for that lol. And as long as I don’t have to get a new passport until my red one runs out they cost a bloody fortune.