Boss Baby A Review By An Eight Year Old

Boss Baby

I couldn’t go to see Boss Baby I was at home with our newborn. So I handed over the task of reviewing the film to my 8 year old son, and this is what he said. The first paragraph might be a spoiler so don’t read it if you’re desperate not to know the plot!

Dream works Boss Baby

The Reviews

“I thought that Boss Baby is a very emotional and enjoyable film. What I liked was close to the end when the Boss Baby got promoted and then the older boy sent him this letter. Then they lived together again.

Another bit liked they were going to work, while the big brother was putting some powder on Boss Baby’s bum he farted. This was the funniest bit, I laughed a lot. The saddest bit was when they left each other.

My favourite character was Boss Baby. I liked him because he was very funny. The character I didn’t like was Francis Francis because he was nasty.

There was nothing I didn’t like about this film. I would watch it again as many times as I wanted.

If you are going to watch it you’ll leave there saying it was a great film!

Well done a brilliant review there by the oldest Toy Infinity boy G.


My middle child also wanted to give her thoughts. Who was I to say no?

“It was really good. The best bit was when the baby washed the big brother’s hair it was really funny. When the big brother said to the Boss Baby you can talk, he really could talk.

My favourite character was the Boss Baby because when the big brother powdered his bum he farted. I didn’t like Francis Francis.

If you’re going to watch Boss Baby make sure that an adult checks it before you watch it. When the adults watch it before the children the children can watch it after the adults.”

Well done E (age 4) a brilliant review as well.

So that is word for word what my children thought. I will confess to getting slightly concerned where the last part of E’s was going lol. If you’ve been to see they would love to know what your children thought.

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  1. Fab reviews! My eight yr olds favourite bit was also the talcum powder fart ! And the toilet paper being too far away from the golden potty. My favourite bit as 44yr old watching the film was having an hr and half peace and quiet to enjoy my costa coffee and chocolate pic n mix( rolos, munchies and caramac available in one bag- didn’t even know this was a thing ?) Everyone came away happy !

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